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Bye-Bye, Blisters!

Back in eighth grade when I started running on my own (outside of track season), I used to get awful blisters on my feet, especially on my arches. Especially after long runs and when it was rainy or snowy or wet, I’d get blisters so bad that I just wanted to take off my shoes, or I’d favor one leg over the other. If you ever have any ache or pain while running that causes you to change your running form, STOP RUNNING!!! It will only lead to even more injuries!!  But going back to my original point – blisters are so annoying! Part of my problem was due to my poorly chosen shoes, but even a new pair of quality running shoes didn’t cut it for me and my picky feet. But I’ve found a cure. Socks.

I used to just wear whatever socks I wanted – usually thin and 100% cotton. I had no idea that my choice in socks could make that much of a difference in my comfort while running. The most important thing that I look for in a good sock is that they’re made from synthetic materials. Even if they say that they’re sweat-wicking, but they’re made from 100% cotton, I wouldn’t get them. I’d always opt for something with more polyester, more spandex, more nylon, etc., over more cotton. When I started wearing socks made from better materials, I noticed a huge difference in the frequency of the blisters I got. Rather than being every single day, I now only get them on rare occasions! Here’s five of my favorite socks! (not necessarily in order of preference; I like all of them!)

1.)Pro Spirit® Women’s  Cushion Poly No Show Athletic Sock

Pro Spirit® Women's 3-Pack Cushion Poly No Show Athletic Socks - Assorted Colors

I first tried out these socks from Target. At only $5 for a three-pack, they’re budget friendly. They’re made with 79% cotton and 21% Nylon, and while this ratio isn’t ideal, they’re still good at wicking away sweat and moisture.

2.) Running II

I tried these socks from WrightSock, because they’re made specifically to prevent blisters. They’re made with two layers to reduce friction, plus they keep your feet dry and speed evaporation. I haven’t gotten any blisters from wearing them, but they have shrunk in the wash and don’t quite fit my feet anymore…so I would recommend making sure you get the right size before buying these!

3.)Women’s Recur No-Show socks

Besides being super fun, cute, colorful, and comfy, these Under Armour socks are made with a Moisture Transport System to get sweat away from your feet, with a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. Plus they have an Anti-Odor system to help prevent all that icky, stinky stuff that nobody wants!

4.) Women’s Grippy II No-Show Socks

These socks, also from Under Armour, are thinner than the previous socks. They’re made with Microfiber Nylon, Nylon, and Lycra® Spandex, and also have the Moisture Transport System. They have OdorBlock, Under Armour’s most advanced system of preventing odor-causing bacteria. They have the little grippy nubs on the bottom of them to help keep you from slipping too!

5.) Nike Cushion No-Show sock

161 - Spark/White

I’m not sure if they make these Nike socks anymore; I had a hard time finding them online. But they fit my feet great and have a specific left/right sock for an ideal fit. They also have a built-in arch that seems tighter than most built-in arches, in a good way. They’re made from Nylon, polypropylene, elastane, and polyester, so they wick away moisture as well.

If you are still having blister problems after you have good socks and shoes (or you have to wear certain socks/shoes for a uniform or something and have no other choice), Body Glide could be your new best friend. It looks a little like deodorant, and you apply it similarly. It helps prevent chafing and friction, and it doesn’t feel sticky or icky anything. I use it when I race or play soccer, when I’m running longer or faster than usual, or running in shoes that don’t fit my feet as well as my regular running shoes for some reason. It works wonders!

I hope these tips help! Happy comfortable, blister-free running!


to wear or not to wear…

I wore this Chicago Marathon shirt to school today:…but I haven’t actually run the Chicago Marathon. I haven’t run the Chicago half marathon. I haven’t even watched the Chicago Marathon. If this shirt didn’t have the date on it, I probably wouldn’t even know when the Chicago Marathon was. I just got the shirt at the Nike store because it was cute, comfy, and on clearance. So I’m wondering, is this acceptable to wear in public?  Every time I wear this shirt, people ask if I’ve run Chicago and I have to tell them no. People know that I’m a runner, but I don’t want to look like I’m making some sort of false claims to have run this marathon when I really haven’t. I’d love to run the Chicago Marathon one day, or some other marathon, but my problem with the Chicago marathon is that it’s in October, right in the middle of cross country season. I don’t want to sacrifice my cross country times and let my team down by running a marathon or even a half marathon that close to districts and state. It’s hard to find races that aren’t conflicting with either cross country or track seasons, and that aren’t in the freezing-cold dead of winter or that will be 80 degrees and miserable in the middle of the summer. One day, I am determined that I will run a half marathon and hopefully get up to a full marathon or maybe an ultra! But until that day comes, I’ve got this shirt in my closet that says I’ve run Chicago… It irks me a little bit when other people wear, say, a club soccer shirt when they really have never played for that club, or a shirt from a different high school, when they have never attended that school. Maybe that’s just one of my pet peeves, I don’t know. So what’s your opinion? Is wearing this Chicago Marathon like my other examples? Am I being hypocritical? Is it kinda like lying or cheating a little bit, claiming that I’ve done something that I really haven’t, or is it really no big deal?

To wear or not to wear, that is the question.

Okay, I guess maybe my clothing choices aren’t that big of a deal, and maybe it isn’t worthy of a whole post. But your input would still be appreciated:)


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