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Don’t give up!!

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Every year, we start off the new track or cross country season with a sea of new faces…but then tomorrow, or the day after, or the week after, a significant number of them don’t return. Why? Why would they quit when they’re only just getting started? The first two weeks are always the hardest, as your body is adjusting to the stresses. When you’re so sore that you can barely move, that’s just your body telling you that it’s getting stronger and faster. Are they afraid that someone will be judging them if they come in last? I think that everyone has that fear of not being good enough. We all want to be first. We all want to win. We all want to be the one that people watch with awe and jealousy. But unfortunately, there’s only one winner. Being slow isn’t something to be embarrassed about. You’re not racing against anyone else but yourself and the clock. While getting first is always nice, in my opinion, I would be happier about getting a PR and feeling like I gave my all. Don’t least non-runners look down on you. If you keep running even through the pain, you’re stronger than they will ever be. I’ve heard people say that cross country isn’t a sport. They’re so wrong. Deep down, they’re just jealous that they aren’t as strong, fast, and fit as you are!

Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of people laughing at you or looking down on you if you come in dead last. Don’t let the initial aches and pains of running make you lose your motivation to run. It’ll be worth it in the end if you stick it out and keep putting one foot in front of the other!


Just keep running, running, running!

When I’m running in track or cross country, whether it be at a meet or at practice, there are always those days when I just feel like giving up. I think that mental strength is the hardest part of running. I start races strong, confident, and motivated, but then in the middle when it starts to get hard and my legs are burning but I can’t see the finish line yet, it’s so tempting to give up a bit. It’s always the hardest to stay strong through the third quarter of a hard workout, when you’re tired but you’re not close enough to the end yet. I keep running, but I’m not all there mentally and I’m not giving all the effort that I could be giving. I start thinking things like “why am I doing this, it doesn’t really matter” or “I pushed hard at the beginning, I don’t have to go quite as hard now” or “Ahhhh my legs are killing, this hurts so bad, I just wanna trip over a tree so I can have an excuse to have a bad time!” I know it’s bad to let my mind wander so much that I’m trying to figure out how to get myself spiked or something so I can quit, but it’s so hard to stay focused the whole time. On monday, we ran five miles at a faster pace than usual, between a 7:25-7:50 minute/mile pace. It was freezing and snowing a bit that day, and my legs were numb from the cold but at the same time they were burning from the effort. On the way back of our out-and-back route, we slowed down so much more than we should have, to run the second 2.5 miles over a minute slower than the first 2.5 miles. We should’ve been able to keep up our pace, but it was so hard to stay strong all the way through. If that only happened at one practice, maybe it would be okay, but it happens every single time. Every race, every practice, I can’t seem to keep my pace even and keep it up through the middle and last half. Or if I could run negative splits and get faster as I go on, it would be even better. But my motivation and effort always drops off and I can’t do it. I start to doubt myself and think that I can’t do it, and I give up. I need to be more like Dory in Finding Nemo rather than being like Marlin!

Just pretend like she’s singing about running – when my legs want me to give up and feel like a Mister Grumpy Gills, I gotta just keep running, just keep running, just keep running, running, running! Cuz what do I do? I Run, run, run! Ha ha ho ho ho ho I love to RUN! And when you waaant to run, you gotta run!

If Dory can do it, so can you and I, right??


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