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STATE 2012

So. State cross country. Yes, it was over a month ago, and yes, I am very sorry that I was unable to write about it before. I’m hoping that by now, I’ll be able to let you know how it went without exploding with my anguish and frustration…

It was the last saturday of October, and I couldn’t have asked for better weather. It wasn’t too windy, and it was cold enough to have goosebumps at the starting line but still warm enough that we didn’t need to wear underarmour or hats or gloves. The warmup went well, and I was pumped. My energy levels had been soaring that week, and I was feeling fantastic and ready to give it everything I had. As we finished our warmup and were lining up, I started to get butterflies in my stomach, but all of that disappeared once the gun went off. It was crazy. There were so many people and it took a lot to hold myself back from rushing to the front of the crowd before I should have.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The conditions were perfect, the weather was gorgeous, and the spirit and enthusiasm in the air was contagious. Despite my attempt to go out slower, I still ran the first 800 in 2:46, at least ten seconds faster than I should have if I wanted to run relatively even splits. I got into my rhythm, but I was kind of disheartened when girls kept passing me rather than me passing them. I guess that’s another good reason to start out slower.

I went all out. I tried so hard to stay with our fifth girl, but I couldn’t do it. I could see her in front of me, but I was pushing myself as hard as I thought possible. I tried to stay with all of the other girls as they passed me but I couldn’t do that either. I kept reminding myself that this was it! It was the last time I would have to run for two weeks. I asked myself over and over “Why give up now when this is what I’ve worked so hard for all season??” I had to stay strong. As I neared the final 800 of the race, I could see the girl who was normally our fourth runner. She had been feeling sick lately and after the race she told me that her arms and legs felt numb. I passed her in that last 400 as well as about three other girls. I sprinted my heart out and gave it all I had, but finished a fraction of a second behind another girl.

When results were finally posted, my team had won third! We were so excited since we hadn’t expected to score so high with our fourth girl’s disappointing race. But when they were announcing the awards, they announced another school, Johnson, as third. We were all confused and ticked off. Apparently they had missed one of their girl’s tags, and her supposed sixteenth place finish bumped them up to third. My coach requested a video, but they never gave him one. The two-hour drive home was depressingly quiet.

So we ended up at fourth place, with no trophy. I have so many regrets. I know I ran my heart out and I gave it all I had, running a 15:29 and scoring 62nd place, but what if I had just been a second faster? What if I would have had like ten faster steps there in that middle mile? What if I wouldn’t have gotten sick the week before? There are too many what-ifs to name them all. State 2012 is over, now all that is left is to run my butt off for next year.

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6 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes……

And the countdown to state continues! The stakes are high! We won our districts/state qualifying meet three days ago on Thursday, for the first time in my school’s history!:) And we won the conference meet last week, for the first time ever! We all wanted to win our district so badly and earn a banner, and we finally did it! This is a big deal. A really big deal. We are making history and setting school records like never before! Our nearly-undefeated season has continued for one more meet! We have run so well all season, and now we only have one more goal left to check off the list – to bring home the state trophy! My team and I have worked so hard to get us where we are now. We can’t give up now. I know that we have a huge red (or should I say green??) target on our backs because of our record. The other schools in our district and across the state are out to get us. But we are stronger than they are! We aren’t going to settle for anything less than the best when we race. We aren’t going to get comfortable and think that we don’t have to work as hard, just because we’ve beaten these other teams before. We are going to prove ourselves, once again, that we are better, and work no less hard and run no less fast than before.

My team is currently ranked third in the state. Before the year began, we were ranked 9th. Last year, we were ranked 6th, but only placed 12th at state. Last year, we only dreamed of running competitively with the big cross country schools like Pleasant Valley and Dowling. Those two schools always have strong cross country teams. Last year, we talked about beating them, but it was really only wishful thinking, because it would never happen. This year, it could happen though. This year, we have improved so much. I’m not sure why that is – maybe our workouts are harder or we’re just getting better as we get older. No matter why it is, I’m so proud of all of the girls on my team. My coach was talking to us before our meet on Thursday and he started choking up because of how proud of us he is and how much he’s loved coaching us. I have so much respect for my coach. He has done an incredible job. Yes, maybe some of it comes naturally to some, but we could never discover our full potential without his help.

State, here we come! We’re ready for that trophy!

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