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Fat Week :)

Two weekends ago was the state track meet…which means that the following week was my FAT WEEK 🙂
Fat Week is the week immediately following State in which I 1.) am required by my coach to NOT RUN and 2.) can eat whatever I want…to a certain extent. So this being my fat week, I’ve followed my instructions well. It’s kinda hard and kinda weird to not be running every day like usual, but since I only get two fat weeks per year (one after cross country and one after track) I figure I’d better take advantage of it.

My only problem is that while it feels kinda funny to be completely free to eat whatever I want and not burn it off during my fat week, by the end of the week, I don’t want to stop. During my fat week, the only exercise I did was bike a few miles. I went to grad parties and ate plenty of cupcakes and cookies and barbecue pork sandwiches. I ate Oreos and M&Ms and a delicious chocolate cake my middle school running coach made for me:) And I made slutty brownies with some girls on my team. YUM:)

So this week I tried to start up running again and am very sad at how out of shape I feel already. I ran a mile on Memorial Day, two miles on Tuesday (all of which were slow, like 9-minute miles but I still was dying anyways) and three miles today (with my friend’s super fast friend who ran way too fast for this poor girl). I feel so out of shape! I felt like I couldn’t go any faster today and we were only running three miles at slightly under 8 minutes per mile! And then I realized that I didn’t just take a week off, it was more like three. Since I’d been trying to deal with my plantar fasciitis, I’d scaled back on my running a lot more than usual in the last two weeks of track. So now I have the lovely task of getting myself re-motivated and getting back into shape. I gotta start getting ready for cross country in August and for cross country camp in two weeks. I want to stand out this year in cross country, in a good way. Not in the “Oh wow, what happened to her that made her so slow this year” kind of standing out. I want us to have an amazingly successful season again this year like we did last year. And it all starts now. Because if I can get my aerobic base as high as possible over the summer, I’ll be that much ahead of the game when the real season starts, and I can just keep going uphill from there! I’m getting so excited!

And here’s an inspirational video to remind us all to eat our salad… and to give us an ab workout! GO CORE!!

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Trying to Train for Track (and rude drivers)

Today I ran about 7.2 miles and I forgot my watch, but I’m sure it was somewhere between an hour and five and ten minutes. Yesterday I ran about 4.5 miles in about 38 minutes. Last Thursday I ran about 5.5 miles in a little under 46 minutes. Tuesday I ran 2 miles in 16 minutes on the Dreadmill (that wasn’t a typo). I think that’s all the running I’ve done since the new year. And TRACK SEASON STARTS IN A MONTH AND FOUR DAYS!!!! This is ridiculous. I’ve only run 19.2 miles this year so far! I’ve got to pick it up or there’s no way I’m going to be able to compete on the same level as all the other girls. While I was out running, my friend and I crossed paths with a girl we know from another school who is also in cross country and track. She was out getting some speed work in, but she had already run much further than my friend and I had! I feel like such a slacker – that girl from the other school is going to beat me. A girl from my team that I’ve seen running every single day this winter is going to kick my butt. I don’t have the natural ability to go out and be automatically in shape like some girls I know. I have to spend months working up to it, or I will be minutes and miles behind the girls who are at the level I want to be at so badly. I want that varsity letter this season in track with every ounce of desire in me, but for some reason I’m not feeling the motivation to actually do the work I need to do to get there, like I had in the summer before cross country season. I guess part of it might just be because I don’t like track as much as I like cross country, or maybe I lose my urge to run because of the cold. I need to drop the excuses because I desperately need to work these legs of mine back into shape! Like this awesome Nike ad says below, it’s up to me to make myself who I want to be!

But today while I was running (the longest run in over a month, maybe even a month and a half!), we were about to cross a street when two cars in a row rudely drove through a huge puddle on the side of the road, drenching both my friend and I. We could see them laughing as they drove away. Really? Do they have to be that inconsiderate that they would go out of their way to drive directly through the puddle, rather than going around it like everyone else? Just because I can beat your butt in a race does not give you any excuse to make me freeze on my already-cold-enough run around the lake today, thank you very much. Sorry for this rant, but could drivers be a bit more considerate of us runners? I know that cross country runners in general have a bad tendency to cross the roads at less-than-convenient, and sometimes dangerous or fatal times, and we need to work on that. I’ve seen the stories on the news of the runners that didn’t run fast enough and had their seasons ended by a run-in with a moving vehicle. That’s our fault and we need to work on it. But it doesn’t give others an excuse to be rude and mean and spray us with frigid water from the dirty melted snow while we’re trying to trying to have a nice, peaceful run!

I’ll be out tomorrow running some 400s, making my body how I want it to be, getting back in shape, and hopefully not soaked!

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